The RUI Foundation finds their natural partners in the University, in businesses and professions, in the civil society; it is a network that the RUI has built and consolidated in its 50-plus years of activity.

A network made up of professors, successful professionals, managers, men of culture – all protagonists in the economic and social life of the country – and of the Alumni (link), who are often guests speakers in the evening encounters in the Residences, to speak about their experiences.

But the real force is that, that every student builds personally: it is the air that you breathe in the Residence, they are your travel companions, the residents, the management, directorate, the tutors, all of the students and the young professionals that regularly attend the educational activities of the Residence.


A network of friends made even stronger because of the experiences they share, where you share much more than just the roof over you head.

The land on which you project and build your own future, your own life.